The place of business communication as a course in business administration

The place of business communication as a course in business administration
The place of business communication as a course in business administration

The place of business communication as a course in business administration



Student’s realization that communication skill, proficiency and effectiveness is a key tool for the growth and operations of a firm. It encourages regulates and directs the flow of the firm at all times.

Effective communication skills are not generic personality traits automatically attained from the home environment; rather, they are tools that require training and practice in suitable contexts to help individuals build communication competence for the workplace, which is the driving force of success in business. Anderson and Surman (2017) state that “Communication expertise is one of the key qualifications employers look for when hiring”.

Communication is thus a process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding. This process requires a vast repertoire of skills in intrapersonal and interpersonal processing, listening, observing, speaking, questioning, analyzing, and evaluating. It is through communication that collaboration and cooperation occur.

The place of business communication as a course in business administration

  • The course Business Communication helps Business administration students to understanding of what business communication skills is about from proper understanding of communication process.
  • The course focuses on proficiency in communication in the business environment.
  • The objective is to stimulate and develop communication skills in the areas of oral, written and non-verbal forms with appropriate knowledge and skills required for bringing out the best in the people of an organization.
  • It aims to bring out the right aptitude to handle the ever growing and changing business communication.

  • Business Communication exposes Business administration students to various forms of communications that are necessary for proper business communication skills.
  • Business Communication exposes students of Business Administration to various areas of communications skills that add values and success to a business enterprises.
  • Develop and improve their understanding communication problems and ways of solving them management function in the globalized world.
  • The course enlightens the students of Business Administration on the area of English grammar which includes proper knowledge of part of speech, punctuation mark usage and sentence formation.
  • It helps students to understand, analyze and synthesize channels of communication; language in communication, conducting and attending interviews, giving directions, organizational idea Analytical skills and the ability to develop simplified frameworks for studying the real world.
  • Provide chairing events, conferences, seminars, for a retreat, public relations – media relations essentials, media conference, media announcement, broadcast.

  • Provide appropriate interviews and mouth organs, audio visual aids in communication
  • Equip students with appropriate tools preparation of summary writing, note taking and making.
  • To arouse the curiosity organizing meetings, writing applications
  • Develop in students, through the art of good writing etc.
  • In the course (business communication) students gets a chance to practice communicating with concepts and techniques from areas such as accounting, finance, and marketing.
  • In the course (business communication) students are expose to the practice of writing memos, letters and business reports – not just term papers, exams and essays.
  • It helps the students of business administration to have a chance to practice their oral presentation skills, which will probably be using extensively in the business world.
  • It equips the students of business administration with the knowledge to understand that, business communication is more objective, systematic, and concise than creative or personal communication.
  • It helps the students of business administration to learn to persuade people to accomplish their desired results.
  • Business communication is relevance to Business administration students


In any organization the main problem is of maintaining effective communication process. The management problem generally results in poor communication. Serious mistakes are made because orders are misunderstood. The basic problem in communication is that the meaning which is actually understood may not be what the other intended to send. Business communication students the basic knowledge that will be put gradually on the way that leads to acquiring an important aspect of successful business skill. Business communication skill is very important to the success of a business.

Business communication helps the learners become familiar with what business communication skills is all about. It also equips the students of business administration with the necessary tools for effective English communication, as well as enlightening with various skills that must be acquired to excel in business environment.

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