Canadian Labor Shortage Jobs With Free Work VISA for 2023

Canadian Labor Shortage Jobs With Free Work VISA for 2023

Canadian Labor Shortage Jobs With Free Work VISA for 2023

International applicants can now  apply for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada 2023. Canada is in need of foreign workers. British Colombia, Canada is set for the Biggest Wage Increases in Canada For 2023. The Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau compiled a list of targeted sectors, and regions. The Labor Shortage in Canada Planning to Pick and Choose Immigrants from all around the world so they can come and work in Canada. Many Job Banks and Canadian companies started sponsoring applicants. The Government  of Canada takes its responsibility to protect temporary foreign workers (TFWs) very seriously, and application is open for the following job vacancies:

Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada

There is a projection of jobs for Marketing Managers to grow to 19,000 in the next six years. Marketing Managers are increasingly required due to the emerging marketing strategies of businesses and an increased focus on marketing activities. Marketing Managers are required to craft marketing strategies to generate reputation and revenue for the business.

With an increase in the modes of marketing, he/she will be required to craft online and offline marketing strategies. This will include the utilization of social media channels, viewership through websites, or other media campaigns. Due to the importance of a Marketing Manager, the position is a highly paid offering. Job Bank estimates that the median annual wage of a Marketing Manager in Canada is $84,376.


Software Developer Jobs in Canada

Software Developers are increasingly in-demand in Canada. The reason for this increased demand is the shift of the Canadian economy toward economic solutions which has been observed in the post-Covid era. As businesses shift focus toward technical solutions, they need IT specialists to develop app solutions, operate and maintain in-house software, and test computer code for software applications.

Businesses are looking to shift to remote work. During the process, it is pivotal to have skilled IT specialists for easing the transition. Job Bank reports that the jobs for software engineers and designers are expected to total 27,500 due to expansion and replacement demand. Job Bank also reports that there would be only 24,000 people to fill up those positions after evaluating the graduated students. This indicates a huge gap in the profession signaling a brilliant opportunity for international applicants. The Software Developers are also tipped to earn an annual wage of $74,997 by working 37.5 hrs/week by the Job Bank.

Canadian Labor Shortage Jobs With Free Work VISA for 2023

Registered Nurses Jobs in Canada

Registered Nurses are growing in demand owing to the various occurrences during and after the Covid-19 period. They are required to provide direct patient care while following modern nursing techniques and methods. They also have a responsibility to participate in health education programs to spread awareness concerning health dilemmas. Experienced nurses might also be required to share their experiences with the junior staff to equip them with the knowledge to practice nursing.

The demand for Registered Nurses has increased due to the step of the Canadian Government to make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for healthcare personnel. Many nurses who were not willing to endure the vaccination process left their positions. Moreover, nurses are increasingly in demand due to the Covid-19 scare. The healthcare personnel has faced shortages due to which the void has been extended after numerous resignations from nurses.

This is a high-potential field for international applicants because of a handsome earning prospect. Registered Nurses are estimated to earn an annual wage of $78,000 by working 37.5 hrs/week as revealed by Job Bank.

Engineering jobs in Canada

While there seems to be a shortage of jobs in other countries for engineers, Canada heads toward a different path where there is a shortage of professionals. Businesses are hunting for overseas Engineers due to a lack of experts in the mentioned profession. They are responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and managing projects related to their Engineering specialty.

They are required to manage all aspects concerning the construction of roads, earthly structures, highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, canals, etc. Engineers are required to keep different factors in perspective while planning, developing, implementing, and managing projects because inefficient plans can lead to devastating impacts such as the collapse of buildings or highways. The Job Bank records that the median annual wage for Engineers is $80,340.

Human Resources Manager Jobs in Canada

The post-Covid 19 eras have seen an increase in employment figures. With an increasing workforce in business environments, there is an ever-increasing need for a Human Resource Manager. The person at this position is tasked with overseeing the hiring process. The hiring process is important to determine the success of a business. Moreover, he/she is responsible for monitoring the activities of the staff. This includes communication with the staff to manage the human resources.

The position requires brilliant man management skills to deal with different personalities. The Human Resources Manager will also handle the firing process deciding on the performance of employees and conveying the reasons for the firing to the concerned employee. A reduced turnover will be the primary responsibility of the selected candidate.

An applicant must also have a sound understanding of labor laws to ensure compliance with them. The Human Resource Manager enjoys a handsome salary package in Canada due to the contribution to the business. The annual wage for this job post in Canada is estimated at $96,993 by the Job Bank.

Accountant Jobs in Canada

There is an increased demand for Accountants in Canada. It serves as a brilliant avenue for international applicants because of the shortage of professionals in the accounting field. Chartered accountants and accounting professionals have numerous opportunities up for grabs in Canada due to a professional gap.

The Accountants will be responsible to deal with various aspects concerning accounts. This will require extensive knowledge in Accounting coupled with sizable practical experience. Additionally, the selected candidate will be required to demonstrate impressive analytical skills because he/she will be required to advise or make important decisions for the business. The Job Bank reports that the average annual wage for an Accountant in Canada is $69,712.

Electrician Jobs in Canada

Recently, the Canadian Government invested $13M to counter the electrician shortage in Ontario. The $13M will be dedicated to providing free training and paid internships to the relevant professionals. Ottawa is expected to offer 23,400 positions for Electricians in the next six years. While there are 23,400 positions available, there are only 20,300 equipped professionals to fill those positions demonstrating a shortfall.

The primary reason for the shortfall of Electricians is the bulk retirement of experienced professionals. While there are bulk retirements, there is a decrease in supply with few young entrants in the industry. While all this goes on, there is an increase in demand for Electricians intensifying the situation. They are primarily responsible to deal with the failures of electrical appliances or things that work on the electrical current. The average annual salary for an Electrician in Canada is $58,500 as reported by Job Bank.

Welder Jobs in Canada

Manitoba has recently opened a training center for Welders to address the shortage of Welders in the province. Huddle reports that 30% of the Welding workforce is expected to retire in the next ten years leaving a void in the Welding industry. In Ottawa, 23,000 more jobs are expected to open in the next six years as revealed by Job Bank.

Welders work in companies that manufacture structural steel, platework, boilers, aircraft, or other metal objects. They are required to demonstrate tough physical fitness due to the demanding nature of the job. They can also work individually by opening Welding shops to make metal products. With such a gap in the industry, the immigrants have a brilliant pathway to gain an Express Entry visa by demonstrating their expertise in the field. The annual wage of Welders estimated by Job Bank by working 37.5 hrs/week is $49, 725.

Key Account Manager Jobs in Canada

Key Account Managers are highly in-demand in Canada. It is due to the growing focus on technology. The Key Account Manager is required to plan, manage, implement, and evaluate the steps taken by departments and agencies in various sales industries. The sales industries include commercial, industrial, institutional, e-commerce, etc.

Key Account Managers have a pivotal role in building business relationships and ensuring business success. They serve as negotiators in big deals helping the clients to close out deals. Due to their key role in a business, they are highly paid employees. The annual wage for Key Account Managers estimated by Job Bank is $97,500.

Customer Service Representative Jobs in Canada

The jobs for Customer Service Representatives have grown considerably with fewer professionals to fill up those positions. The jobs for Customer Service Representatives are projected to grow to 60,400 by 2028 which exceeds the demand for some of the other jobs mentioned in this list. They are responsible for answering customer inquiries and questions.

Customers often have a question or inquiries surrounding the goods, services, or policies of a business. The Customer Service Representative will reply to these inquiries. He/she will also be required to solve customer problems. These problems may relate to payment processing, refunds, returns, or delivery delays. Therefore, the applicants must have brilliant problem-solving skills. He/she will also be required to inform customers about company goods which may attract sales. Good communication skills are key for this position. The average annual wage for a Customer Service Representative in Canada is projected at $37,050 by working 37.5 hrs/week by Job Bank.

Accounting Clerk Jobs in Canada

Accounting Clerks are expected to grow in demand considerably over the next decade. This will further the requirements to hire overseas professionals to fill these positions. They are required to manage payments by preparing invoices, bill payments, money transfers, budgets, financial records, statements, etc. They will also be responsible for processing these payments. With increased money transfers, the role of Accounting Clerks has grown in importance manifold.

They are required to demonstrate responsibility to track and process payments while keeping their record. Job Bank reveals that an Accounting Clerk working in Canada is expected to make an annual median wage of $43,992. While keeping in view the job descriptions, the earning prospects in Canada for an Accounting Clerk are higher than usual with an added bonus of an Express Entry visa.

Food Services Jobs in Canada

The Canadian Food Industry has been deeply impacted by the pandemic which has led to a labor shortage. There is a devastating labor shortage in restaurants. It spells a promising prospect for overseas professionals equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills. Employees are required in restaurants. This includes waiters, dishwashers, chefs, managers, and helpers.

Canadian restaurants have increased in numbers. Therefore, they require more staff to deal with customers and fulfill their demands. Therefore, international applicants can weigh in on the opportunity to explore a fruitful industry while fulfilling their Express Entry visa dream.

Canadian Labor Shortage Jobs With Free Work VISA for 2023

Delivery Truck Driver Jobs in Canada

The transport industry has grown manifold since the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic have been lifted. Delivery Truck Drivers are required to transport goods, procure materials, or provide a means of transport to people. There is a shortage of Delivery Truck Drivers post-Covid 19 because there has been a significant increase in travel and supply chain duties due to the resumption of regular restaurant activities.

The applicants will be required to have the experience to handle large commercial vehicles. Due to the strict traffic rules in Canada, the Delivery Truck Driver will be required to comply with the driving laws. This will require the knowledge of driving behaviors and speeds to comply with the legal procedures. The median annual wage for a Delivery Truck Driver in Canada is projected at $33,150 by Job Bank.

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