Home Background And Academic Performance In Oral Reading Among Pupils Of Early Childhood Care And Education

Home Background And Academic Performance In Oral Reading Among Pupils Of Early Childhood Care And Education
Home Background And Academic Performance In Oral Reading Among Pupils Of Early Childhood Care And Education

ABSTRACT: This study examined Home Background and Academic Performance in Oral Reading among Pupils of Early Childhood Care and Education. The population of the study consisted of 5,145 pupils in nursery 2 in five Early Childhood Care and Education Centres within the area. Two hundred (200) pupils were randomly selected as sample size from the study area. The instrument used for data collection was an Oral Reading achievement test which elicited information on home background and academic performance of pupils in Oral Reading. Three research hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. They were tested using independent t-test statistics.

Home Background And Academic Performance In Oral Reading Among Pupils Of Early Childhood Care And Education

The result of the findings, revealed that socio-economic, educational and parent background affect pupils performance in reading. Based on the findings, recommendations were made which among other things, included the fact that parents should provide conducive home environment for their children to read.



1.1     Background of the Study

A home is a place where pupils live with their parents guardians or relation. It is a place where the pupils begin to learn the norms and values of the society in which they find themselves. The family is a social unit in any society and it is the source of early stimulation and experience in children. It is also refers to as the physical and psychological conditions that affect children.

The home influences the child at the most possible time of his life at a time when his mind is most receptive. It provides the first impression which may last through the whole of the child’s life. The child often sees the parents, siblings and things in their immediate environment to be most significant and they are capable of promoting or diminishing him in self worth and academic performance. Thus, the parents or guidance of these pupils are responsible for providing the right home environment that will facilitate effective learning of their wards. (Ekanem, 2004).

The child’s home and his family offer the best education since his parents serve as teachers. The parents lay the foundation for the desired social, moral, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well-being of the child. The training received from home is of greatest importance in his/her total personality formation and academic achievements.

Success in an educational institution in measured by academic performance. Over two decades, sociologists have tried to identify the effects of home background on the performance of pupils in Oral Reading in schools. Uwaifo (2008) attributed the cause of poor academic performance of most children in Oral Reading to a combination of factors with home background as one of such.

Otudeko (2004) pointed out that most children from homes where English not spoken perform poorly in the subject. He also stated that the grammatical nature of the subject makes it difficult for pupils especially those from public schools who are mainly from low-income families lack basic vocabularies for communication. This poor understanding of grammar is basically due to the background of students’ right from the early years of education. He reiterated that most of our children come from backgrounds where English is not spoken at home. Children who speak the refined type are those ones from middle and high socio-economic and literate backgrounds.

Similarly, Olayinka (2004) has linked the poor performance of children in written and oral English to the adverse socio-economic status of the family. Accepting that some children are exceptional in oral and written English in primary schools, he attributed such categories as those from high income and well exposed families where refined English is spoken. He affirmed that majority of children in public schools are from the low income families and background. The idea of communicating effectively in spoken and written English is part of the problems students in this category face in public examinations.

Interestingly, the background or setting of the home has a crucial role to play in the academic achievement of children in Oral Reading.


Home Background And Academic Performance In Oral Reading Among Pupils Of Early Childhood Care And Education

1.2     Statement of the Problem

Reading is one of the basic skills which form the foundation of English Language in pre-primary school. Other skills being listening, speaking and writing.

However, it has been observed that with such importance attached to reading the performance of pupils in the subject has not been very impressive. There has been concern expressed by parents, teachers and other stakeholders about this ugly scenario. Several indices have been considered but the researcher is of the belief that home background can influence achievement in Oral Reading.

In a nutshell, the problem which has necessitated this study is the poor performance of pupils in reading.

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