Instructional Resources Utilization and the Teaching of Business Studies in Junior Secondary Schools

Instructional Resources Utilization and the Teaching of Business Studies in Junior Secondary Schools
Instructional Resources Utilization and the Teaching of Business Studies in Junior Secondary Schools

ABSTRACT: This research was to assess the extent of Instructional Resources Utilization and the Teaching of Business Studies in Junior Secondary Schools. The study adopted the survey research design to generate data for the study. Two research questions and hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The sample size for the study was one hundred and twenty (120) business studies students using structured questionnaire title: The influence of instructional resources utilization and the teaching of Business Studies questionnaire (IIRUTBSQ). The statistical tools used for the data analysis was the chi-square at 0.05 alpha level of significant. The result reveal that utilizing traditional resources in the teaching of business studies exerted significant influence as well as the utilization of audio visual resources which aid in arousing, stimulating and motivating learners interest.

Based on this findings, it is recommended among others that Government should provide basic instructional resources to schools, the schools should ensure that the available instructional resources provided are well utilized, in the same vain the Government should help in providing social amenities such as power supply and good road to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the available resources.

Instructional Resources Utilization and the Teaching of Business Studies in Junior Secondary Schools



1.1     Background of the Study

The success of any teaching and learning lies upon the extent the teacher utilizes instructional resource in the learning and teaching process. This instructional resource according to Chale and Coomb, (2010) is an educational input which is of vital importance to the teaching of any subject in the school curriculum. Instructional resources include everything from printed materials, such as text books, video tape audio tape, motion pictures, time and human resource which aid in facilitating a lesson effectively and efficiently. M.F.SMITH (1972). The instructional resources aid in eradicating the Borden or difficulties of verbalization in teaching and give room to practical oriented classroom. Baribor (2003) noted that the use of instructional resources aid the teacher in his teaching by significantly assisting them overcoming physical stress of presenting subject matter. The availability and visibility of Audio-visual resources in the teaching learning process motivates and stimulates the interest of the learner especially when carefully selected and utilize to suit the subject matter.

Okeke (1990) classified instructional resources into two broad categories, material that appeal for the sense of sight is called visual material while the one which appeals for hearing is called Audio resources or material and the one which combine both hearing and visual is called Audio-visual resources. All of these aforementioned resources should be effectively and efficiently made available le and utilized in the cause of transmitting knowledge to the learners.

Traditional resources include any textbooks and workbooks used in the classroom to facilitate a lesson. It also includes any supplemental reading material use in a lesson. (Angela Janvosky Riol) in business studies the teacher may decide to recommend some textbook such as pit- man shorthand, and the workbook which will make the class to be activities oriented.

In the field of business studies instructional resources play a significant role in the learning and teaching of the business studies which was enunciated and introduce into school curriculum to provide prevocational skills to students inculcate to them appropriate attitude toward work which will help they to be self-reliance and useful member of the society.

Ukoha (2006) the utilization of available instructional resources in the teaching of business subject promotes meaningful communication between the learner and the teacher, enhance effective teaching, stimulate the leaner’s interest and motivate individualized instruction in which learning is assured.

Academia Master (2018) noted that with the help of visual resources the thinking process is stimulated and the communication gab between the teacher and students are eliminated, the monotonous style of learning which is boring and deviate the students attention could be avoided by using audio visual resources. Similarly Benoit n.d affirm that if the process of teaching is supported by audio-visual resources students could possibly retain information.

Rather (2004) propose that visual resources present the past information with the essence of availability at the moment in agreement to this Sukhder S. (2011) opine that visual resources help the learning process to more convenient and real interactive. It further outline audio-visual resources to be among others computer, internet surfing, Laptop, electronic note book, E-reader, Computer Education game, online dictionaries, talking dictionaries etc.

Oyedele (2008) asserted that teaching would be less meaningful without the use of traditional resources; he went further to say that students will grope in dark for a long time before getting a grasp of what the teacher teaches. In the same vain Suckdev S. (2011) reaffirm to his opining by postulated that traditional resources as used in teaching play’s an important roles, he went further to define traditional resources as a tools that help the learners easily assimilate, comprehend and understand what is taught. He added that the resources help to remove anxiety, fear, boredom or any other complex feeling which the students may develop while learning business studies.

Suckdev S. outline traditional resources to be; Blackboard, textbook, worksheet, chart, pictures, poster, flip card, reference book, dictionaries puzzle etc.

This implies that the ultimate goal of utilizing instructional resources is to facilitate teaching and learning. Therefore traditional resources and audio- visual resources should be utilized in the study of business to cover the lapses in the subject. Going by the above assertion one can see clearly the importance of instructional resources and that the lack of it could lead to poor performance, poor mortification of student which tend to make them loose interest in business subject.

In Ikot Abasi Local Government Area, most school do not have these instructional resources, most school have but teachers do not have access to it, most have access to it but do not utilize at the cause of their lesson. There for in the light of the above the aim of this study focused on the extent to which teacher utilize instructional resources in the teaching of business studies in junior secondary school in Ikot Abasi L.G.A.

1.2     Statement of the Study

Student’s poor performance in business studies Junior WAEC examination has been observed as a result of lack of instructional resources and equipment and also inability of some teacher’s to utilize these resources in the course of teaching. Government and schools do not provide these resources to students and teachers to enable them involve in practical during teaching and learning thereby resulting in poor performance and mass failure of students in business studies. Failure to utilize this resources and equipment bring about a very low or negative outcome which does not meet the aim of the subject as enunciated in the natural curriculum and national policy on education.

Instructional Resources Utilization and the Teaching of Business Studies in Junior Secondary Schools

1.3     Purpose of the Study  

1.4     Significance of the Study

This study will be of help to government the teacher, student, researcher, the curriculum planner and the society at large.

The outcome of this study shall be of immense benefit to the government during their planning and decision making on educational matters. The result of this work will expose to the government those facilities and resources needed for the effective teaching and learning of business studies therefore government would use this finding to provide educational packages that will help the teacher to function effectively in the classroom through the utilization of instructional resources.

The finding of this study would also expose the teacher to those instructional resources available and how they can utilize these resources to enhance effective delivery of a lesson. The result of this study will immensely inculcate adequate professional skill and help the teachers to function effectively in the classroom through the use of instructional resources which will ease or reduce verbalization thus giving room to practical oriented classroom.

Since the essence of business studies is to inculcate appropriate skill and behavior toward work thus allowing the learner to be self-reliance in the society. These studies will be beneficial to the student as the student would have a better understanding of whatever they are taught with instructional material if instructional resources available in the school are promptly and properly utilize by concern teachers. The utilization of these resources will how ever involve the student in the teaching and learning process and thus bringing about clear and effective understanding of the subject matter making learning to be learner’s centered.

This study when completed would serve as a reference point for other researchers who may interest in expanding the scope of this research.

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