Exploitation and Disillusionment in Ngugi WA Thiongo’s Black Hermit and the Trials of Dedan Kimathi

Exploitation and Disillusionment in Ngugi WA Thiongo’s Black Hermit and the Trials of Dedan Kimathi
Exploitation and Disillusionment in Ngugi WA Thiongo’s Black Hermit and the Trials of Dedan Kimathi

Abstract: This Project focuses on the theme of Exploitation and Disillusionment in Ngugi WA Thiongo’s Black Hermit and the Trials of Dedan Kimathi.  It has been discovered that African literature is dominated by both the colonial masters and the stooge African leaders. The African leaders were said to have betrayed their brotherhood in favour of the colonial master because of the stipend given to them. To this end, disillusionment is discussed in this project using Black Hermit and The Trials of Dedan Kimathi  by Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s to analyse those events that shows disillusionment in the two plays as well as its effects in African Society.



1.1  Background to the study

Most African writers have an enduring propensity for social and political commitment. Their texts mostly reflect and refract the socio-political events in their societies. African societies encountered great challenges to peace, stability, oneness, surety, freedom and joy amongst themselves. These happened as a result of the challenges encountered by Africans which affected their social-economic and social state of being.

Some of the challenges were imposition, inequality, deprivation of right, injustice and lack of regards. However, these unsatisfactory acts or attitudes had compelled Africans to voice out through literary writing. Disillusionment is being employed in Ngugi Wa thiongo’s Black Hermit and The trial of Dedan kimathi as a veritable weapon for depicting the post-colonial situations in African nation. Therefore, African literature is always chained to the experience of the people of the continent.

In this project, an effort is made to examine Ngugi’s views about the plight of the masses in neo-colonial African societies as they are reflected in his fiction. Essentially, two of his novels of post-independence criticism, Black Hermit and The Trial of Dedan Kimathi are explored with a view to the motifs of pains and disillusionment in post-colonial African societies.

1.2Statement of the Problem

Most African writers have explored the problem arising out of colonization and de-colonization. In essence, although there are many practical sides to the problem, it resolves itself around the upheaval and social dislocation conised by the imposition of technology and rural one.

One fundamental principle is that all men irrespective of race, gender or affiliations are equal, but in oppressive regimes equality is determined by the class to which individual belong. Human rights gives people freedom of expression but even the press and media are suppressed and unduly censored. Freedom of association is flagrantly abused as ruling political class oppresses and suppresses opposition political parties.

1.3         Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to examine the theme of disillusionment and exploitation in African prose, using Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s Black Hermit and The Trials of Dedan kimathi.

In addition, it is to show how the themes of disillusionment and exploitation destroy the lives, hopes and dreams of the masses in Kenya society particular and the world in general.


1.4       Objectives of the study

The objectives of this study is to analyse those conditions that have been involved and combine to haunt the erstwhile colonial territories which are exploitation and disillusionment in the African societies, by using the two texts as a primary sources.

Meanwhile, there is a tone of exploitation and disillusionment that goes through most post-colonial countries in Africa. This exploitation is connected with the fact that independence has not fostered progress and development which were hoped to be achieved in African societies.

1.5      Significance of the Study

The study will provide students and the entire African nations an idea of disillusionment and exploitation as the negatives syndrome in our country.

The exposure and consequences of the disillusionment practiced by the African will help the political leader to re-examine themselves and re-define their activities so as to develop and produce a just egalitarian society for all Africans.

1.6     Scope and limitation of the Study

The study is limited to the theme of disillusionment in The Black Hermit and The Trials of Dedan Kimathi. Also works from other authors which relate to the study will be thoroughly reviewed in order to examine their views.


Exploitation and Disillusionment in Ngugi WA Thiongo’s Black Hermit and the Trials of Dedan Kimathi

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