The Impacts Of Computer On The Economy Of Nigeria

The Impacts Of Computer On The Economy Of Nigeria
The Impacts Of Computer On The Economy Of Nigeria


The advent of computers has markedly improved our economy and standards of daily living as business, commerce and global trade has flourished at unprecedented rate over the past decades. Furthermore, it has significantly increased the utilization of resources which in turn resulted to a big deluge of output in many business establishments. Despite the brief periods of recession, the economy’s sudden downward dive did not leave a devastating impact as predicted as it readily bounced back after a period of adjustments.

The computers served as a tool for global communication where the export and import of manufactured goods between and among countries’ businesses are being arranged as communication through electronic mails or emails travel as fast as the speed of light. With the entry of imported products in the local market, consumers nowadays need not go abroad only to sample some of the world’s finest food, clothing and apparel and grooming products.


Computers have changed the economy of Nigeria and the world at large. It helped man step forward into the future. Thanks to computers, space exploration came true, new designs of vehicles and other transportation were made; entertainment became more entertaining, medical science made more cures for diseases, etc. The computers impacted the economy of Nigeria in the following ways:

  1. Computers in Government

Government sector is one of the largest users of computer usage practices in implementing administrative matters. All the necessary data can be obtained in a short time such as information about people, services, economic planning, and land development projects and for planning and decision making. Through long-term weather forecasting computer can now be done. With tie loss of life can be because of better information and faster. Keeping records of taxpayers who do it manually, and bring many problems have been addressed with the use of computer and services can make the task more efficiently and quickly.


  1. On Education

Through the use of advanced computing and telecommunications technology, learning can also be qualitatively different. The process of learning in the classroom can become significantly richer as students have access to new and different types of information, can manipulate it on the computer through graphic displays or controlled experiments in ways never before possible, and can communicate their results and conclusions in a variety of media to their teacher, students in the next classroom, or students around the world. For example, using technology, students can collect and graph real-time weather, environmental, and populations data from their community, use that data to create color maps and graphs, and then compare these maps to others created by students in other communities. Similarly, instead of reading about the textbook pictures depicting blood flow, students can use technology to see blood moving through veins and arteries, watch the process of oxygen entering the bloodstream, and experiment to understand the effects of increased pulse or cholesterol-filled arteries on blood flow.

Education was impacted by computers very much. Computers help out students in a lot of today’s projects and essays. If a student were to do an essay, they could look in an electronic encyclopaedia in the computer or they could look up their topic on the internet. Computers help students in any way they need, researching, typing, searching, etc. Teachers use computers as well. They use computers to keep track of grades, type out instruction for their students, and to let students use the computer for school purposes.


  1. On Business

Computers impacted many items in today’s business world area too. Business uses computers for keeping track of accounts, money, or items that they need. You may notice business people using computers a lot, especially the laptop computers, portable computers that can be taken to your work area. You may see people use things like pie-charts and graphs when they present information to other business people in meetings. Most of those charts were made by computers. The business field uses the computers a lot for their companies and organizations.

With the rapidly advancing technologies that are occurring in modern business, organizations are required to be ready, and able to adapt within their ever-changing environment. The computer technology has quickly become one of the most valuable assets in modern technology, and as such, is developing as an integral part of modern commerce. As with past technologies, the internet will have future technological advances develop from its own growth. The Internet has lead to the birth and evolution of electronic commerce or E-commerce. E-commerce has now become a key component of many organizations in the daily running of their business.

  1. On Entertainment

Another area computers impacted on is the entertainment area. Most of the people out there like science fiction or action movies, especially the ones with the neat looking effects. Well, those graphics were mostly made by computers. Most of the movies today use computer graphics to make things more realistic but not real. Computer graphics are mostly used on spaceships, aliens, monsters, and special effects. Movies like Jurassic Park, Wing Commander, Starship Troopers, used computers to make them look more interesting and realistic. There are even movies completely made by computers like Toy Story and A Bugs‟ Life.

Not only movies used computer animations and graphics. Games on the latest game consoles like Play station used the computers to make the coolest games ever. Games now and days use computer graphics and animations to make the coolest games. Computer games also have their share. New 3D games were made by really cool computer graphics. It would be really boring without all this wouldn‟t you think? That’s how computers impacted today are entertainment.

  1. On Health

An important field computers impacted on is the medical field. The computers helped the hospitals out very much. In pharmacies, the pharmacists use computers to keep a record of what medication to give to a patient and the amount they need. Most computers in the hospital are used to keep data of patience and their status. Computers also keep track of equipment placement and status as well. Scientists need the help of computers to find cures for diseases that need cures like cancer and STDs. Without the computers help, cures for a lot of diseases wouldn’t have been found. Computer helped the medical area a lot and we are grateful for that since they keep track of our health.

  1. Computers in Legal

Computers have been used in the legislative process in recent years. The use of the most important is the preparation of documents using a word processor. The use of computer accounting legislation also includes processing to produce weekly and monthly reports, keep records of payments consulting, diary for the latest attorney information consumers about the various court procedures and also to keep records of users. As this area is very complicated, it is the need to retrieve the required information either on journal of law, an important case, scale, and statistics or important decisions for the purpose of making the decision to retain legal data bank. Thus the use of one computer will help lawyers and trainee lawyers and law students find relevant data without wasting time and get better service.

7.         Computers in Industrial Areas

Industry is a lot of benefit from the use of computers and the development of a human machine that ‘robot’. Industrial production, for example requires a lot of computers to process data collected from employees, customers, sales, product information, production schedules, and so on. Yes said the computer used to control the production process. Computers have been applied in many areas politics included but many people have no idea how these technological gadgets play an important role in politics. In developed countries like the United States of America, computers have been utilized in politics and they have greatly changed the way political activities are conducted. Here are some of the roles played by computers in politics.


In current economy of Nigeria, processing, gathering information, or any aspects of the various areas that were previously done manually, which gives a lot of risk has to be made more effective, faster, and more practical with the application or use of information technology or computer.

Computers are improving healthcare through robotics and research. We communicate operation results and any surgical problems easily and immediately between healthcare providers all over the world. Using robotics, surgeons can now perform surgeries in remote and/or distant countries without ever leaving their resident hospital. Education, computers have changed the way we are able to acquire knowledge and attend school. In the past, school was a physical building we had to attend. Today, we can “attend” school completely online, never having to step foot outside of our homes, or attend both online and on a college campus in what is known as a blended course. We are able to invest our time differently and accomplish more. The convenience of computers is that we are able to access the computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This gives our society time to expand our knowledge and create new opportunities for our selves.


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