The Impact Of News Commentary On Radio Listeners in Uyo Metropolis

The Impact Of News Commentary On Radio Listeners in Uyo Metropolis
The Impact Of News Commentary On Radio Listeners in Uyo Metropolis

ABSTRACT: The study set out to investigate The Impact Of News Commentary On Radio Listeners in Uyo Metropolis. The major aim were to found out Whether residents of Uyo metropolis, listen to FRCN news commentaries and  they do that also to ascertain the FRCN  programme that interest them most, their listening habit to FRCN news commentaries and gratifications which they derive from listening to such FRCN programmes.    Based on the findings of the study, we conclude that residents of Uyo metropolis do not only listen to FRCN news commentaries but do listen to it on regular basis. it is also safe for us to state that radio listening habit of the residents of Uyo metropolis is both positive and encouraging.


The Impact Of News Commentary On Radio Listeners in Uyo Metropolis



The history of radio news commentary in Nigeria dated back to the 1930’s when radio receiver was constructed inform of Wooden box. The audience were thrilled by the live commentaries ran by various pioneer commentators. Ever since the introduction of running radio commentary, it has remained with radio till this day.

The presidential democracy such  as ours, news commentaries whether on the radio or television do not only serve as surveyor of public opinion but also serve as requisite for bridging the credibility gap between governments and the governed. Perhaps, it might be necessary to draw a line of distinction between news and news commentary, in the presentation of news, the presenter  presents  straight news without additional comment. While news talk provides background information to the news RICHARD ASPINALL asserted that “with limits radio can persuade and effectively influence large audience thereby contributing substantially to the thinking of a nation”.

In Nigeria, news commentaries have became a ferment feature. A time is allowed to news commentary immediately after major news bulletin perhaps is an attention giving strategy. The media houses not only give air space to news commentaries written by its own staff but also uses those written in additional headlines of various news papers thereby granting freedom of expression and chance.

The media news commentaries do not only interpret the news but sometimes comment on the societal problems vu what happen as it effects the society and the views expression. The study tried to trace the effectiveness of news commentaries from FRCN on the listeners who reside in Uyo the capital city of Akwa Ibom State. 

1.1 Background of the Study

Perhaps 50 percent of  each radio news commentary listeners who forget to found their radio during commentary do so because thy are more accustomed to the Paper.

Owing  to the fact that news commentary are aired to listeners who are not seen, the research therefore took it upon herself  to study the commentary aired by FRCN and whether or not it touches the listening audience in Uyo.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

A country like Nigeria with diverse and human resources need radio news commentary or news that could be capable of interpreting events bordering on  global and societal issues. Obviously these news commentaries are staunchly provided to listeners on a daily basis. Unfortunately about 80 percent of radio listeners ignore news talk once they have listened to actual news broadcast just as they prefer sports commentaries to news commentaries. If all radio commentaries are said to interpret events occurring earlier on it will  illuminate the bidden news [news behind the news) .to the layman and attract  a lot of Nigerian audience to appreciate radio commentaries like their western counter parts who listen to radio commentaries via BBC radio on regular basis. It was on this note that the research emanates to examine the effectiveness of the FRCN news commentaries in Uyo Metropolis.

1.3 Objective of the Study

Although, the primary objective of this study was to examine how effective FRCN news commentaries have been in Uyo Metropolis. In broad scope, the objectives of this study are as stated below.

  1. To examine whether he FRCN audience in Uyo are interested in news commentaries.
  1. To ascertain the criteria for selecting news commentaries to be aired on FRCN.
  2. To examine the benefits FRCN audience in Uyo derive from listening to news commentaries.
  3. To ascertain the effectiveness nature of news commentaries among FRCN listeners residing in Uyo.

The Impact Of News Commentary On Radio Listeners in Uyo Metropolis

1.4 Research Questions

  1. Do the audience in Uyo interested in FRCN news commentaries?
  2. What are the criteria for selecting news commentaries to be relayed to audience?
  3. Are there benefits which FRCN audience in Uyo derive from listening news commentaries?
  1. What are the effectiveness nature of FRCN news commentaries among listeners residing in Uyo?
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