Correlate of Students’ Performance in Akwa Ibom State Mock and WASSCE in Biology

Correlate of Students’ Performance in Akwa Ibom State Mock and WASSCE in Biology
Correlate of Students’ Performance in Akwa Ibom State Mock and WASSCE in Biology

ABSTRACT: The aim of this work was to examine the Correlate of Students’ Performance in Akwa Ibom State Mock and WASSCE in Biology. To achieve this, the researcher came up with two purposes of the study and three research by hypothesis. The purposes were to examine, the relationship between students’ performances in mock as related to their performance in WASSCE, and, the relationship between the sex differences in students’ performance in mock exams. The population of the study included all the 1200 SS3 students in all public schools in Obot Akara Local Government Area. The simple random and the stratified sampling technique were used to sample Oct 120 student’s respondents whose results were used for the study out of 4, in the area.

The instrument was the mock and WASSCE (May/June) 2015 examination sheet of the sampled students. Data were collected by way of obtaining their scores from both examinations and summarizing them. Analysis was made by the relationship, and T test statistics to test the hypothesis results revealed a high correlation between mock and WASSCE performance, but no correlation existed between Boys/Girls performance. The researcher recommended among other things that students need adequate preparations for all standardized examinations.


Correlate of Students’ Performance in Akwa Ibom State Mock and WASSCE in Biology



1.1     Background of the Study

The study of Biology as a science subject at Secondary Schools has been viewed by many, as been important as a science subject and in the development of the individual students for both environmental and body awareness (Tutuo pace, 2013). Because it lays foundation of important like zoology, Botany, Ecology, Bio-information, Biotechnology, Biomedical research, molecular Biology, Genetics, Hematology, Oncology, Aerobiology and so forth. It has been found as helping to get a better understanding about the world in its natural process, goes knowledge about the interaction of cells with organs and organisms; an organisms, environment and ecosystem; an important subjects for medical point of view which includes identifying diseases and its cure; as well as helping in making a better environment and its contribution to agriculture (Tutor pace 2013). However, in spite of all the numerous benefits offered by biology at school, the study of subject by the students as still not given its pride of place in term of seriousness.

The mock examinations are designed to mimic as closely as possible, the exam day experience (CFA, 2016). Mustapha (2014) reported that the mock examination is typically taken by students in SSS3 that is the final year. The examination is conducted by the State Ministry of Education, and is administered about two to three months before the main examinations, and the result is used to defend the extents to which candidates have been prepared and are ready for the main examinations. The schools also use the results to identify students, areas of weakness and give them extra coaching in those areas.

The examinations is usually graded like the final West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and the National Examinations Council (NECO), Senior School Certificate (SSC) Examinations (Mustapha, 2016) is an assessment which is intended to measure a test taker knowledge, skill, aptitude, physical fitness, for example beliefs (Wikipedia, 2013). It may be administered orally on paper, on a computer in a continued area that requires a test taker to physically perform a set of skills. 

In any way, his mock examination – a non-standardized test (exams), is different from the WAEC (SSC) examinations, a standardized text, in scope and uses of the results. But have, one is administered to clean up the examination anxiety against the other. Specifically, the mock examination prepares students for the WAEC/NECO Examinations. This is to remove inadequate preparations for the WAEC. According to Abesuji (2008) the main cause of the download trend in students performances in SSCE is traced to inadequate preparation of the candidates by the school.

The present study intends to find the relationship between students, and the performance in WAEC in Biology.

Correlate of Students’ Performance in Akwa Ibom State Mock and WASSCE in Biology

1.2     Statement of the Problem

The rate of failure of students in standardized examinations (NECO, WAEC – SSCE) over the years have been so alarming for example, a report confirmed a mass failure recorded in the 2015 (May/June) West African Examination Council result (Busu, 2015); another report reads that WAEC released the May/June WASSCE 2014 result, in which approximately 70% failure was recorded (Makinde, 2014).

It is however, observable that the different State Ministries of Education Nationwide do conduct mock Examinations for her Secondary School final year students which seem to prepare the candidates with good mindsets and other practical experiences in tune against the up-coming WAEC Examinations. This then raises so many questions as: Are the candidates not adequately prepared against the WAEC, right from the mock exams?, Does the mock exams have any effect on students performances in WAEC exams? Does boy/girl factor have any effect in students’ preparations and passing of exams? The present study seeks to give answers to the above – raised questions, amongst other things.

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