Family Variable And Students Academic Performance In Economics In Secondary School

Family Variable And Students Academic Performance In Economics In Secondary School
Family Variable And Students Academic Performance In Economics In Secondary School

Family Variable And Students Academic Performance In Economics In Secondary School

Abstract: This study was designed to investigate the Family Variable and Student’s Academic Performance in Economics in Secondary schools Students in Ika Local Government Area. A total population seventy (70) of the study consisted of fifteen (15) teachers from four (4) secondary schools in Ika Local Government Area. However, two (2) schools in the area were randomly selected for the study. Thirty (30) students were selected from two schools using simple random sampling technique and forty (40) students were selected each from the other schools to give a total sample size of seventy students. A questionnaire was used as an instrument of data collection. Data collected was analyzed using independent t-test analysis. Result of the findings revealed that there is significant difference in family variable and student’s academic performance in Economics in Ika Local Government Area. It was recommended that a conducive learning environment should be provided.  



1.1       Background to the Study

The essence of education in any society is the upbringing of children which cannot be over emphasized. It is a known fact that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. As a matter of National priority, it is the fundamental responsibility of the government to provide for the education of students, this will no doubt contribute to the overall growth and development and reduce, the level of literacy to the barest minimum. In college today, various subject like mathematics, English language, social student sciences and economics are taught. These subject are reliant to our day today development. These days emphasis is laid on both qualitative and  quantitative education.

In Nigeria society inequality in educational achievement has been a problem in the recent years. Teachers have always been seen as a role model and a person that can perform miracle to influence the academic performance of students, hence parents and government tend to be amonged into different social state. It is clear that our societies are theoretically classified into groups, person and families are associated with different social classes. These is the existence of types of homes, the non-abundant, middle and abundant families the presence of adequate potential technique for helping the child to understand. His world or cope with complex situation may have permanent effects in his life and academic achievements. Broken homes can also affects the performance of students in economics and may have negative effect in his academic achievement.

Family Variable And Students Academic Performance In Economics In Secondary School

(a)        Physical environment

(b)        Social environment

These two environments affect the existence of man directly or indirectly. A Childs home is being influence by these two environments, environment by definition means the surrounding where man finds himself, it involves the entire range of external influence which act upon man. Ukpong (2003). Defined social environment as the people in our society and its relationship with one another. Though (Vermin, 1999) home or family is the first step of socialization process. Man’s activities begin in the home, the family provides the setting, where an individual or a child can be socialized. It is an institution or place where parents and others family members of the society owe the society a lot by being able to transmit ready-made information about life in the society for the child Ukpong (2013), also noted that this could be made possible by teaching them knowledge about the societal norms, values traditions and emotions. By doing this, the culture of the society is being transmitted to the children. This is not possible because of the differences in parental background, economic status, level of education and living standard. The living environment of a child includes the home, schools and society where the child operates the usefulness of home to a child cannot be over emphasized; it is an establishment fact by all researchers that it forms a greater of child’s life (Maduokonam, 1986 and Uwe 1997).

1.2       Statement of the Problem

The standard of education in Nigeria is no longer encouraging. This is the due to the alarming rate of poor academic achievement of pupils in the primary schools across the country. It may be as a result of many factors with the bulk of it lined to family background and pupils achievement.

Other factors include poor teaching methods, lack of instructional materials, pits lack of interest, lack of text book, lack of socialized economics teachers poverty and so on. Government should work hard toward improving the above mentioning problem. But parental home environmental factors, less effort has been putting on by the parents towards the academic achievement, especially in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria, such home factors include parents education, family size and socioeconomic background of the children. This study therefore aims at filling the gaps of lapses created by the home by finding out the influence which these  factors exerts on the student’s academic achievement in Economics in Ika Local Government Area.

Family Variable And Students Academic Performance In Economics In Secondary School

1.3       Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of family variables on students’ academic performance in Economics in secondary schools, especially; the study’s seeks to;

  1. To assess the influence of parents educational background on pupils academic achievement in Economics.
  2. To determine the influence of family motivational level of student and academic performance in Economics.
  3. The also examine the influence of family size on students academic achievement in Economics.
  4. To examine the influence of socioeconomic background on academic performance of students in Economic.

1.4       Significance of the Study

The study will create a remarkable change in the educational sector. A great change will be brought into the society, since education of an individual’s transforms the society. Based on this trend of events, the study will expose parent’s educationist, curriculum planners and developers to the influence which parents, home background brings to bear on student’s academic achievement.

The study will provide basis for further studies on the influence of home variables on student academic achievement. The study will provide basis or assist educational planners to design policies that could favour sound education for all.

Family Variable And Students Academic Performance In Economics In Secondary School

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