Challenges of Teaching Handball in Preparatory Schools

Challenges of Teaching Handball in Preparatory Schools
Challenges of Teaching Handball in Preparatory Schools

Abstract: This study investigated Challenges of Teaching Handball in Preparatory Schools. Descriptive Survey method research was employed for this study the data were collected through questionnaire, observation and interview. The data were collected in preparatory school from the students, sport science teachers, the school directors, youth and sport expert and the data were analyzed both quantitative and qualitative method using percentages. The respondents sampling technique from the total population was carried out through simple random selection methods or systems. This results implies that the interest of the students are low in the handball teaching, shortage of motivation for the family, teachers and others concerned bodies, inadequate of school facilities teaching instruments.

So that it is recommended that depending on the result concerned bodies such as teachers, parents have to encourage the student’s participation in teaching handball class to full fill the school facilities, to give equal chance like the other subject to provide different service for the students, to improve the attitudes of students in teaching handball activities.

Challenges of Teaching Handball in Preparatory Schools



1.1   Background to the study

Physical education plays big roles in all aspects of our lives and the process by which changes in the individual are bought about through movements, experience, physical education aims not only physical development but also with education of the whole person through physical activities. Physical education develops physical fitness and maintains a healthy body and mind.

As V.K. Rao (2007) states that physical educations develop a wide range of activities to individual needs and interest. The most fundamental functions of school physical education are recognized: Man must reaffirm and preserve his desire for movement. And the movement, in whatever form, must be satisfying and attractive. Physical education develops different sport skills to participate in different game, social skills and physical fitness.

The history of physical education is as the history of the human society although modern and formal curriculum based course on the physical education were developed later in the history of mankind and physical change both qualitatively and quantitatively. The target of physical education was at first the enjoyment of various types of physical education involvements passing peace fully and mentally refreshing and protection of an individual or group of individuals. The community as the whole when conformed by any condition that demands physical exertion; like aggression or war between two or more practice come in to conflict for various reason.

Now a day physical education, which involves various sub fields with in it, has become internationally one of the top professions opening the door for peace full coexistence of the people of the world, high level of health status.

Physical activities play a great role of in the achievement of the technical education. In the researcher long experience the subject teaching physical education in Wukro Maray preparatory school many problems happened. Among these problems have less capacities or abilities in the fundamental techniques, tactics and basic rules in the teaching and practicing of handball and less understanding the history and characteristics of handball.

Handball is the fast and exiting of a team game and one of the most popular games in the world. Handball is one of the fastest team games that involve continuous play, highly scoring body contact and skilled movement by the player. By the 19th century, handball was played in countries such as Ukraine (gand bol), Denmark (hand bald), Germany (tor ball), Slovakia (hadzana) and Czech Republic (Hazena).

According to, Holger Nielsen, a teacher, introduced the game of Handball as the early 1904 in Europ. In 1906 he published fixed rules. In 1911 chronicles one reads of Handball matches watched by thousands of spectators. The chronicle states there were seven men to a team. But to our ideas, this wasn’t really handball. In 1917 women’s sport teacher Max Heiser from Berlin, devised a team game for girls.

In Europe were handball began, the game is referred to only Handball. But for most of Americans the game handball brings to mind a game using a ball played with a small closed room.

In Americans they use handball to distinguish a game involving 14 players including two goal keepers, who on a court attempt to score by shooting a ball in to a goal.

There are many problems in handball and student interest that govern handball is also a drawback for its complexity and lack of interest by the students.

Handball is focused on the development of mental, social, intellectual, physical, emotional and teaching of skills, acquisitions of knowledge and development of attitude through movement to contribute the education process.   The invention of different kind of games activities with no doubt had a profound effect on the current level of physical education. Now a day handball is recognized as one of the most or major part of physical education in the preparatory school curriculum designed.

Students are more interested to learning activities that they perceive to be relevant to their lives in selecting activities for instructions, the potential of the activity to education should be considered as well as its ability to meet the needs and interest of the students.

As the students become involved in the physical education program, teachers should seek to expand their interests by offering new activities and broaden curriculum opportunities. In the teaching learning process of handball is the most common used to denoted they have participating in the subject area.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The researcher were initiate to study on this area has his own idea in order to identify the challenges of teaching handball in theory and practical. When the researcher were observes in the school students participate in volleyball, football and athletics but student are less participation in handball activities.

The challenges of teaching handball in the school are:

  • The physical education teacher is more interested in football and volleyball than handball,
  • There is no sufficient material, equipment and facilities in the school,
  • Lack of awareness on the contribution of handball realization the objective of physical education program.

Jesse and William (1964:107) state that challenge is one of the major of obstacle in teaching handball a part of physical education program. The physical education program in the school have been criticized by the public professionals. Criticized has focused on the worth of subject matter and the outcomes realized contribution to education of students. More importantly, it was also noted that the techniques, tactics and rules to teachers use to teach handball in the school not effectively.

The researcher wants to overcome the problem by practicing the students daily, making awareness, teaching and practicing the techniques, tactics and rule of handball and existing enough materials or facilities of handball. Hence this research is design to investigate Challenges of Teaching Handball in Preparatory Schools.

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